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In 2007, Thailand was ranked at the 27th of the world’s largest import markets, its total imports were US$ 140.8 billion accounting for 1% of the world imports. Thailand trades with 207 countries around the world. In 2007, Lao PDR was ranked as Thailand’s 35th supplier of imports. Lao PDR’s major exports to Thailand are electricity, wood products, rattan/bamboo, minerals, forestry products, garment, agricultural products    (cabbage, dried coax, bananas, maize, yellow beans, potatoes, dried mulberry bark, ginger, sesame, palm seeds, tamarind, and animal skins). Lao PDR’s products are eligible to access Thai market with lower tariffs under the AISP and CEPT scheme.

ASEAN Integration Systems of Preferences (AISP)

Since 2003, Thailand has granted unilateral tariff preferences for 252 tariff lines under the AISP scheme (10-digit HS Code) to Lao PDR. From the  252 tariff lines there are 160 products that have zero percent import duties (garment, maize, dried coax, soft drinks, minerals, fruits and vegetables and forestry products), and the remaining have 5% import duties (live animals, wood products, garments and some agricultural products). The agricultural products are listed in HS Chapters 07 to 24; mineral products are listed in HS Chapters 25 to 27; wood products are listed in HS Chapters 94, and garments and textiles are listed in HS Chapters 61 to 62 of ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature.

ASEAN Free Trade Agreement/Common Effective Preferential Tariff (AFTA/CEPT)

Lao PDR can also export to Thailand under the CEPT scheme with low import tariffs of 0 to 5%. Tariff lines under this scheme can be divided into three lists: 1) List of products that have 0% import duties consist of 5,380 tariff lines including agricultural products, food products, industrial products, forestry products, leathers, live animals and minerals; 2) List of products that have 5% consist of 5,455 products including agricultural products, wood products, industrial products, forestry products, leathers, live animals, some minerals; and 3) List of products that are placed in the Sensitive List consist of 20 agricultural products (8-digit HS Code).

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