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ໜ່ວຍງານແຈ້ງຂໍ້ມູນ SPS-TBT

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The SPS and TBT Notification Unit was established under the Prime Minister Decreee on Notification and Enquiry of Trade Related Information no. 363/PM, dated 19 August 2010 and implementing Decision on Notification Unit, no. 0471/MOIC, dated 09 March 2011. Under these legal basis, the Notification Unit acts on behalf of Lao government to carry out the implementation of notification obligation which required under transparency principles of the World Trade Organization, agreements on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) and Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) .

The nature of the notification obligation requires every Member government to open its SPS and TBT related legal development process for public in particular for WTO Members, so that they can provide their comments with time period of 60 days (at least). To this effect, traders can be informed of changes in SPS and TBT related laws and regulations of government, therefore, they can adjust their business in accordance with the changes and be enable to avoid unnecessary loss and damage for their business.

To meet transparency obligation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and National Authority for Science and Technology were aslo assigned by government to carry out another key element of transparency principles as to be Enquiry Points on SPS and TBT respectively- serving in communication with relevant government sectors to provide answers and information to all relevant questions and requests from individual and organization resident inside and outside the country.

Contact Information of the Notification Unit:

Foreign Trade Policy Department, Ministry of Industry and Commerce

P.O. Box 4107,

Phonexay Road,

Vientiane Capital,


Tel:      85621-450065

Fax:      85621-450066

E-mail:  ອີເມລນີ້ຈະຖືກປ້ອງກັນຈາກສະແປມບອດ ແຕ່ທ່ານຕ້ອງເປີດການໃຊ້ງານຈາວາດຄິບກ່ອນ



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